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Rotary Optical Encoder
Rotary Optical Encoder is a sensor that converts machinery positional information into corresponding pulse numbers or digital data by photoelectric signals. Therefore, it can detect the speed, position, angular velocity, distance and counts information relating to mechanical machine. It is usually applied on the angle-measuring device and equipment. Hence, it is a very important device in industrial automation field.

Delta ROE series provides precise positioning and speed sensor function. Major applications include main hoist of crane (crane control), CNC tooling machine, elevator, conveyer, textile machine, and storage equipment, etc. industry related machine. Also, it can also be built inside of many kinds of servo motors, brushless DC motor (BLDC) and induction servo motors, and converts rotary motion or position to electronic pulse numbers for phase change, speed and position detection.
Delta's Rotary Optical Encoder product lines include :
ROE-E Series
ROE-A Series
ROE-M Series
ROE-C Series