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DIN Rail Power Supply

DVP series & CliQ series power supplies are the latest offering from Delta Electronics. The product offers a nominal output voltage of 24V, a wide temperature range from -20°C to +75°C and a minimum holdup time of 20ms. The state-of-the-art design is made to withstand harsh industrial environments. The rigged, ultra-compact case material is shock and vibration resistant according to IEC 60068-2. The power supply provides overvoltage, overload and thermal protection. The wide input voltage ranges from 85 to 264VAC (1 phase) and 320 ~ 575VAC (3 phase), and the multiple terminals are for fast wiring and easy installation.  

Currently DIN Rail DC24V and 1 phase/3 phase, total 11 models are available:


DC24V 1 phase

DC24V 1 phase

60W, DC24V
1 phase (black plastic case)

60W, DC24V
1 phase (aluminum case)

60W, DC24V
1 phase (aluminum case)

120W, DC24V
1 phase (aluminum case)

240W, DC24V
1 phase (aluminum case)

480W, DC24V
1 phase (aluminum case)

60W, DC24V
3 phase (aluminum case)

120W, DC24V
3 phase (aluminum case)

240W, DC24V
3 phase (aluminum case)

480W, DC24V
3 phase (aluminum case)

Currently DIN Rail DC12V and 1 phase, total 4 models are available:


15W, DC12V
1 phase (black plastic case)

30W, DC12V
1 phase (black plastic case)

60W, DC12V
1 phase (aluminum case)

100W, DC12V
1 phase (aluminum case)

Redundancy module 20A

Redundancy module 40A
  Features + Easy Wiring
Adopting standard M3/M4 terminals and standard TS-35/7.5 or 15 DIN rail installation.

+ Enhanced Security Level
‧Overload Protection
CliQ series power supply offers overload protection (OLP/OCP) to prevent damages resulted from overcurrent. When the rated current is higher than 150%, the output voltage will start to drop automatically. When the power exceeds the maximum limit and reaches UVLO (under voltage point), the power supply will enter the bouncing mode. Once the overload is eliminated, the output voltage will return to its normal volume.
‧Overvoltage Protection
When error occurs in the feedback device inside the power supply, the overvoltage protection (OVP) will force the power supply to enter level 2 output (30 ~ 32VDC) and the output voltage will be lower than 35V. After the error is eliminated, the output voltage will restore to 24V automatically.
‧Short Circuit Protection
When short circuit occurs at the output voltage terminal, the short circuit protection will force the power supply to enter the bouncing mode until the fault is eliminated.
‧Thermal Protection
When the overcurrent or overvoltage persists for a period of time and causes high temperature, the thermal protection will force the power supply to enter the bouncing mode until the fault is eliminated.
‧RoHS Compliant
‧Redundancy: Yes (with external oring diode)
Connect the 2 power supplies, PSU1 and PSU2 as shown in the illustration below, and the power supply of bigger load will take over the entire load. The other will enter the redundancy mode.
The parallel mode is shown as the wiring method below. Each of the 2 power supplies is responsible for half of the load.
Step 1: Measure the voltage from A1 to GND of PSU1 and the voltage from A2 to GND of PSU2. If the voltages measured are the same, skip to step 3; otherwise, move on to step 2.
Step 2: Adjust the output voltage with the help of VR available on the front panel of the PSU marked as ADJUST for both PSU1 and PSU2 at the same level.
Step 3: Confirm the output voltages from PSU1 and PSU2 are the same at a tolerance of ±25mV.
Note: The oring diode has to be of appropriate rating. Maximum 20Amps and 50Vrr are recommended for DRP024V060W1AZ model.

‧Output Voltage Adjustment
The output voltage is 24VDC, which can be adjusted from 22V to 28VDC on the potentiometer ADJUST on the front panel of each power supply.
1. DO NOT use the power supply in the area outside the shaded portion as shown in the graph; otherwise the internal parts may be damaged.
2. If the ambient temperature is higher than 50°C, the output capacity will drop 2.5% per Kelvin increase in the temperature. If the output capacity does not drop, the power supply will enter the thermal protection mode.
3. If you would like to mount the power supply in other directions, please contact your supplier for technical supports.
4. Please leave 2cm space between the power supply and other devices.
‧Expected Lift Time: 10 years (for CliQ series)
‧Warranty: 3 years (for CliQ series)
‧Surge Load
The graph below illustrates a typical surge load capability of the power supply. The power supply is capable of enduring 3 seconds of a surge load of 150% of output voltage ±5% of regulated limit.
‧Dynamic Load
The power supply is capable of accepting a dynamic change of load from 0% to 100% with output voltage ±5% of regulated limit.
‧Start Up Current, Hold Up Time & Rise Time